Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photos of Mr. AKON Shitous night!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ahmed Said

hahaha it's funny how you decide to put in words that have nothing to do with the pictures. All I see in the pictures is a great entertainer interacting very well with his fans. The fact that he would crowd surf in a country like Egypt proves that he is a great man that has complete trust in his fans. And he IS NOT drunk in that picture. Oh and by the way it's not his fault that the Opera House hired bodyguards that used big sticks... Those aren't his personal guards so please get a life... thank you...

Ahmed Said

Oh and one more thing... Those guards that you all keep dissing... it just so happens that they saved my life! I was being trampled by people when I was on the floor next to Akon but they got me up before i was KILLED. So yea... That's what I have to say...


Ahmed Said,

thank you for reminding me to go and get a life, I'll start that by not answering to people like you .. :)

thanks ..

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