Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Homie ?!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today Show:
Homie ?!
Starring: an editor who started working in my team for couple of months now, with the nickname "Mr.Smelly", and yours truly, Myself.

Take One, What was going on in my head when he called me "Homie":
- Did you just call me "Homie" ?!
I said that to him while I start to walk back, he looked at me stupidly and did not reply.
- let me assure you, mate, that we're not in a music video starring Flo Rida, and this is not your own version of "Fresh Prince Of Bel Air".
he did not understand what I was talking about, I did not care ..
- and, I don't think that you can actually have the right to criticize the way I work, the way I deal with you or with others, or even think of trying to befriending me by calling me "Homie".
he took a step back, and was trying to think of an answer, I didn't give him the chance.
- before you do all of that, maybe you should speak proper English.
he tries to take a step towards me, I took a step back:
- and before you can actually have chats with people, maybe you should take a shower.
I turned around and left him speechless.

Take Two, What actually happened in real life:
- Sorry, What did you just say ?!
I said that, calmly.
- Sorry, I thought that I can ...
I gave him my back and start walking:
- don't think, just do what I just told you to do ..

Why people are not free to tell other people what they really think ?!


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