Friday, March 6, 2009

The Exorcism of Oum Mohamed!

Friday, March 6, 2009
So, Here I am, standing in my kitchen, feeling all freaked out, and listening to the Islamic chanting of a man trying to get the "spirit" out of our bowaba (door-woman), looking at my roommates who, weirded out as well, stood there next to me, trying to understand what is going on.

It all started with Ray coming to my room and screaming at me to follow him, I was like "WTF" and he screamed at me again, while I was running to the kitchen, I had a list of the stuff that can go wrong, including - of course - a hoax from Ray, but I wasn't ready at all for what I was about to hear.

The voices were all smashed up first, I couldn't tell, as I was getting nearer to the kitchen window, what is exactly going on in our building, then I could tell there is a guy, screaming "Lord, She's hurt, Help Her", and a voice of a woman crying.
it took me a minute to understand what was going on, it was an exorcism, an Islamic one, going on in our building in the middle of Zamalek, a wealthy neighborhood in Cairo.
the woman started screaming, and the guy told her to "shut-up", asking her "We-ba3deen?" (where all this screaming taking you?!).
I went to Sarah's room, told her what was going on, she looked scared, but she followed me to the kitchen, half believing.

when I got back there, the woman was actually vomiting, you could hear her doing that, and the guy was actually hitting her! you could hear him doing it!
then, the guy started to call for prayer, which is an Islamic thing to do when you're preforming an exorcism, which caused her to actually vomit more, so he stopped to tell her that "Waga3" (I wish you more pain) and then continue with his chanting.
While we were doubting whether to call the landlord (or the police), the voices started to fade away, before the peaceful silence of Zamalek was back.
Ray brought the "blue eye" thing and hanged it on the kitchen window, Sarah thought it was something like knocking on the wood, I thought it's has more to do with our peace of mind.

Now, the Islamic exorcism, much like the Christian one you see in The Exorcist or in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, includes lots of chanting, some prayers, forcing special bread down the victms' throat and hitting them sometimes, to push the demon away.
There are parts of the Quaran that are usually used for such cases, like the parts where God reminds the Devil how He created Adam and ordered him to bow for the new born, in addition to tons of prayers for the Lord to push the devil out of this humble human, and asking for His mercy over this troubled soul.

I've never thought that I'll be able to hear one, but hey, you get to see a new thing everyday here in Cairo.


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