Monday, March 30, 2009

First To Fight

Monday, March 30, 2009
For the first time in I dunno how many years a forward email actually was true.

usually I don't read the emails a certain person keeps on sending me, and I do have a reason for that other than totally hating that person (which I do!), and my reason would be the fact that 99.99% of his emails are about the conspiracy theory that Israeli people or American people are plotting to kill all the Arab (why?! are we more important that the Chinese for example?!).

This time, the email was about this new video game on Xbox, a game where the children has to shoot the "pages of Quarn" to gain more points and kill Islamic peaceful people to pass the time.
I was like "Yeah, Right!", shooting the pages of the Quarn won't be in a game for a simple reason, it's not challenging enough for young boys who're the main audience for such games!

I deleted the email, and started working, but I notice something, the name of the game the email was talking about does ring a bell, "First to Fight" you say ?!

I googled it, and what-do-you-know, here come the Wikipedia page of the game.
the game centers around Marine Corps Lance Corporal with the callsign Gladiator 2. The Lebanese Prime Minister becomes ill, and must temporarily leave office to recover. Seeing a prime chance to control Lebanon, Syria and Iran begin supplying a local militant group, the Atash Movement, led by Tarik Qadan. As things escalate, Marines are inserted into Beirut for the third time.

isn't an amazing plot ?! wow!
after all of those years making fun of myself being an Axe of Evil, I turned out to be one indeed.

I couldn't stop myself laughing when I read the following:
The game is not officially endorsed by either the US Department of Defense or the United States Marine Corps.

seriously now?!

I did get offended, giving the fact that I'm Syrian after all, and for more realistic reason as well, I just don't want a 12-year-old boy in Texas to hate me while playing a game and eating a burger.


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