Sunday, June 28, 2009

One arm and a Michael song

Sunday, June 28, 2009
My shoulder hurts, if you're a friend of mine you would know that my shoulder is my weak point, my bad part, my akhilleus ankle, so, I'm wearing what you would call an arm sling to protect the shoulder, you can imagine now that typing this post is a pain!

On another subject, I wasn't planning on writing anything about Michael Jackson's death on my blog; don't get me wrong: I love the guy, but I'm not the kind of guy that goes with the wave and write silly tributes about the people who keep dying, they'll always do, and it's much more beautiful if I kept my thought to myself and let them rest in peace.

I ran to the office on Friday morning (first day in the weekend here in Egypt) to write about the death of MJ, I did an elaborated bio and published it on our website and sent it to our clients, then I went home to sleep, couldn't sleep, went to the swimming pool where I - of course - overdid it, and I had the wear the arm sling.

I kept playing what I have of MJ music, which is not much, most of his No.1s and couple of my favorites and then I switched back to Dido and Amy Whinehouse, and forgot all about it.

Today in the office nobody is talking about MJ, most people around me now are talking about the addictive WAKA WAKA game on Facebook, he only died three days ago, but nobody is interested anymore ..

With one arm, and not to bore you with details, I started looking for videos from MJ, for no reason whatsoever, I found one, a 9 minutes long video for "Smooth Criminal".

As I was watching it, I remembered, my first PC, my first CD that I've ever bought myself, my first video I've ever played on my first PC from my first CD, my first fight with my father about that sinner guy who keep touching himself while dancing, my first time I ever try to actually know what the hell he's saying in English, my first time I understand that he's asking "Anne" if she's OK, who's Anne, and why she shouldn't be OK?!

In the bathroom, my tears started to run down my face, I feel like part of my teenage years just died.

Michael Jackson: Thank you for the music, I never believed that you were a bad person, although I had my doubts, but now, I just want to thank you for my childhood years.

I promise never to forget you, and that someday, I'm going to force my kid or my nephew to listen to your music on a rusty CD, tell him that this is the kind of music that created our generation.


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